The Public Health Record revealed this week that the number of adult smokers in Nottingham has dropped from 37% to 24%. This coincides with No Smoking Day which fell on Wednesday.

When compared with statistics from the past 5 years, the number of adults who smoke in Nottingham has dropped 13%. The numbers were released the same week that celebrates No Smoking Day and the City Council hopes that it will encourage more people to quit.

However, the Councillor for Adults and Health, Alex Norris, believes that while the city is improving, more needs to be done to help more people to quit.

“We’re quite a bit behind the curve in Nottingham but happily we’re still going in the right direction.”
Alex Norris, Councillor for Adults and Health

Alex Norris believes the council needs more money to fund its no smoking campaigns

One of the many ways the City Council is trying to dampen smoking in Nottingham is by putting a ‘voluntary ban’ on lighting up in different social events that happen throughout the year. This ban means that it is policed by community protection officers, so no fines can be put in place.

This includes some of the busiest periods in Old Market Square such as The Beach in the summertime, the Winter Wonderland during Christmas and the Lord Mayor’s Parade.



Winter Wonderland is one of the places where a voluntary ban has been put on smoking

The areas where the Council are concentrating most on are family areas such as, the Nottingham Castle grounds, Wollaton Hall and Newstead Abbey.