Nottingham’s Magpie Brewery has launched a new line of beer as it celebrates its 10th birthday.

The new Pica range went on sale for the first time last week at The Crafty Crow pub in the city centre.

Brewer Nick Keith is one of a three-man team who has worked on the creation and is very pleased with the response the brewery has received, considering that he had some doubts over its success.

“The general reception has been fantastic.”
Nick keith, Brewer

“It’s a completely different product so we’ve wanted it to be correct. We were putting it off (the launch), we were doubting our recipes.

“Brewers are always the most critical about their own recipes because they want them to be perfect.”

The Crafty Crow manager Allan Todd discusses the success of the new range

Magpie Brewery is also expanding for the first time in its 10-year history and Nick believes that it is a sign that smaller breweries are making progress, even though the pub trade is struggling.

“Generally the pub industry across the country is struggling but people are looking more towards craft beers and craft ales and that’s really encouraging,” added Crafty Cow manager Allan Todd.

“Pica is a different style of beer which is particularly popular with  younger people at the moment.”

Tasting notes