Free food sounds like the bargain of the year, and Nottingham Trent students have been lucky enough to have a taste of the Indian cuisine.

Nottingham Trent’s Sikh society has fed more than 350 students in just a few hours with none of them being charged anything at all. Surely there’s a catch? Did you miss out?

The Sikh society has been preparing all week to make enough food for anyone who would like to have or try what food is served in the Gudwara.

So what type of food did they serve?

  • Roti (Chapatti)
  • Dhal (Lentil soup)
  • Deh (Yogurt)
  • Pakora (Onion Bhajis)
  • Keer (A bit like rice pudding)
  • Alho Sabji (carrot, pea and potato curry)

The Sikh Society put this event together to show what happens in a Gudwara and to bring Sikh culture to Nottingham Trent university.

Langar = Free vegetarian food for anyone.

  • Langar on average serves six million people worldwide daily.
  • Everyone is welcome to eat langar no matter your race, religion, age or gender.
  • People must sit together to eat. This breaks down barriers and teaches equality and acceptance of others.
  • Sikhs must do Seva, a part of their religion, which sees them carry out selfless service without any expectation of reward for performing it. An example of this is preparing food in the Gudwara for anyone to eat.

Gudwaras all over the world serve food to anyone who wants or needs it. One of the main Gudwaras, which Sikhs say is the holiest place of worship is the Golden Temple in Amristar, India. 40,000 free hot meals are served there every day.