Nottinghamshire County Council has listened to the voices of young people and is announcing its plans to keep Quarrydale Young People’s Centre open.

The youth centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield, faced being closed down after the council had to cut £62million in the next three years. Young people campaigned for the council to rethink their actions – even setting up a Facebook page.

The council has had to make cuts to numerous and some quite important services such as adult social care and school bus services amongst others.

David Kirkham, Chairman of the Finance and Property Committee, said: “I can announce today that in response to young people’s concerns, we have lifted the threat of closure of Quarrydale Young People’s Centre.

“We will continue to work with the school and local community to move towards it becoming a voluntary led centre, but not with the threat of closure hanging over its head.”

Last November, the county council outlined a proposal to seek an alternative provider to manage the Quarrydale Young People’s Centre, but that if this search was not successful then it may have had to close.

The county council listened to the feedback from young people and has now decided to retain the provision until new arrangements are in place.