New research shows that over half of the children diagnosed with Asthma do not actually suffer from the condition and risk unnecessary side-affects from the medication.

Research conducted by the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, The Netherlands, discovered of the 656 case studies that were examined 53% were found to have no clinical signs of asthma.

But the British charity Asthma UK has questioned the validity of the research and warned that it could mislead parents and sufferers.

A statement posted on the charity’s website said: “These are based on a small study that took place in a country which has a very different healthcare system to the UK.

“It is vital that no parent of a child with an asthma diagnosis stops giving their medicine without talking to their doctor.”

The National Institute of Clinical Excellence says it is very concerned by this information and as a result is now drawing up new guidelines on the most suitable tests to correctly diagnose respiratory problems.