Nottinghamshire cyclist Reginald Scott captured the moment a driver struck him from his bike, with the YouTube video attracting global attention.

Reginald who suffered a severe back injury as a result of the incident suggests a change in attitudes towards cyclists is key to helping maintain safety on the City’s roads.

Reginald Scott

“we can alleviate danger by the way we teach people and the way we treat other road users”

Reginald Scott, Cyclist

YouTube video of the incident :

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  • Road accidents are the biggest killer of young people worldwide
  • 37 people are killed and injured on roads in Nottinghamshire every week
  • Nottingham City Council is spending £6.1 million as part of its City Cycle improvements which include cycle-only lanes

Road safety technical expert at Nottingham City council Chris Berry reveals this is the first time Nottingham has designated a section of its roads to cyclists.

Chris Berry

As one of the few councils with a dedicated road safety team, Nottingham City Council is determined to improve the city’s roads for cyclists, drivers and pedestrians through innovative ideas. The council promotes road safety in various forms from primary level through various schemes; ‘How far? how fast?’ teaches pupils how fast a car is travelling and the stopping time and distance it will take before it hits a person.

With the number of collisions and casualties on Nottingham’s roads decreasing over the past five years the Council hope Reginald’s incident will not deter cyclists in the City.