Nottingham has been voted one of the top cities to work in Britain by the Stonewall organisation in time for LGBT history Month.


Stonewall has voted Nottingham the 64th top city for LGBT people to work in, as a result of the changes and contributions as a result of the employment choices and support made by Nottingham’s top four organisation:

According to David Edgley Nottingham has made enormous strides in improving working conditions for the LGBT community. David who volunteers for the  LGBT switch board is glad that Nottinghamshire is being recognised for its contribution to the LGBT community.

David Edgley

The county council has a new “LGBT Staff Network” for workers which allows them to offer help and much needed support to each other and promote their cause to other members of the work place. Pete Lilly the chairman of the LGBT staff Network is over-joyed by the news

Pete Lilly 

Nottingham resident Emanuel Oboro talks about how he enjoys the freedom of being to show off his creativity as a blogger and fashion model and other part time jobs without being judged because of his sexuality

Emanuel Oboro



“Being African and gay has in itself enough pressure,So having no pressure in the work place…where your boss knows your gay and they’re OK with it, it lessens down the depression” Said Emanuel

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LGBT history month is a month-long annual observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-gender history, and the history of the gay rights which is celebrated every February in Britain. Nottingham is taking part in the celebrations, with the University of Nottingham hosting a wide variety of events, from poetry reading to public lectures and live music.