A man who battled depression is looking to expand the business that saved his life.

Jelly Fitness, a small fitness company, is looking to raise a minimum of £100,000 to help create what they call “the best fitness venue in Nottingham that there can be”.

Simon Gunn, a former epileptic, suffered severe anxiety and depression after a brutal and tragic incident when he was just 18 years old.

As a result Simon’s life fell into a downward spiral but after many years he managed to fight his weight and depression and turned back to exercise to help him through his journey.

Since Simon has turned his life around and has made his hobby into a living. He has trained to become a personal trainer and has successfully gained two degrees at West Nottinghamshire College.

He and his partner, Jacqueline, are now parents to five children and are finally looking to get married.

The couple, who run outdoor boot-camps three times a week, are looking to invest in a venue and necessary equipment.


They are aiming to raise the money via CrowdFunding, where they have so far raised more than £2000.