David Cameron is in talks with leaders of other European nations over the UK’s future in the EU. If his proposals are approved this may lead to changes in the lives of people in Nottingham.

Discussions in Brussels ended at 5:30am this morning, and began again just over five hours later. European Council President Donald Tusk has said that “some progress” has been made, however “a lot remains to be done”.

The Prime Minister has dived back into discussion regarding the state of Britain’s relationship with the EU. He’s aiming to come to a decision regarding a number of different proposals including rules regarding benefits for migrants.

A number of politicians including German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Estonia’s prime minister Taavi Roivas have commented on the status of the discussions.


If the proposals are accepted, how will they affect you?

  • Migrants settling in Nottinghamshire may be forced to find immediate work as the Government would have the power to cut their benefits at any time.
  • Child benefits could be changed.

If the proposals are rejected then this might lead to Britain’s exit from the EU, this would mean.

  • Goods may become more expensive due to trade ties being cut.
  • There would be stricter border rules for people coming to work from around Europe.
  • Britain could scrap caps on the number of hours people are allowed to work.

This is the British Prime Minister’s last opportunity to come to an agreement with other leaders on how to tackle some of these issues. Cameron has said that he will “rule nothing out”, and that he feels “no emotional attachment” to the EU.

However, the Prime Minister has added that he’ll do everything he can to resolve these issues.


Many other politicians have criticised the way that Mr Cameron has conducted the discussions, with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn describing the migrant deal as a “theatrical sideshow” to settle the conflict within the Conservative party itself.

“We should bear in mind that if Britain leave, we all get nothing.”
Taavi Roivas, Estonian prime minister

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has made it clear that he does not approve of the way the Prime Minister is presenting his negotiations.

Talks are likely to continue throughout the weekend until an agreement is made.

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