Approximately 400 people die every winter in Nottinghamshire alone due to cold weather having an impact on their health.

A total of 24,000 older people die from cold weather across the UK this year, which an 151% increase than the previous year.

The NHS states that cold homes have a significant impact on people’s health and well-being and can lead to serious health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, pneumonia and depression.

The chances of these health problems are higher if you are over 60, disabled, are on a low income or have a long term health condition such as heart, lung or kidney disease.

Many of these deaths can easily be avoided by people being more aware of the dangers and taking simple steps to keeping warm.

Video – Cllr Joyce Bosnjak – Nottinghamshire County Council 

“Money is decreasing”
Cllr Joyce Bosnjak

Nottinghamshire County Council is aware of the issues regarding the importance of keeping warm however, the money to support and provide social care is decreasing and the demand is rising.

Because of this, the council is arranging more events in local areas with support of local charities taking part.

Its aim is to promote the information from the leaflets (instead of making more) and getting different people to produce presentations, such as the fire service to make the elderly more aware of the dangers.

Cllr Joyce Bosnjak said: “Events like these have been successful so far and we’ve been able to give out hot meals to the elderly, and little packages that contain simple essentials such as woolly hats, gloves and scarves. This is one step closer to keeping elders warm”

“I was struggling”
mrs hughes – AGE UK

There are many different organisations and people who are available to go to and ask for help and advice on this matter.

Age UK is a charity in Nottinghamshire which helps the elderly through a number of different issues, including helping them to keep warm and to have warmer homes. If elders are finding it difficult to keep their homes warm in winter, then Age UK will provide a free home energy check.

Age UK – Maria Cooke explains a case study

Mrs Hughes, an Age UK customer, said: “I was referred to Age UK by the local fire and safety service because I was struggling to keep my home warm and keep up with the maintenance. Age UK was able to help and I’m really grateful for the support.”

The Radford care group also aim to help the elderly and care for them. They know that keeping the elderly warm is vital and prepare hot meals for them when they attend the centre.

Shaun Morris – Friendship Group Manager

British Gas has many different schemes for people on certain benefits which could also help the elderly to keep warm.

Leigh Franks – British Gas, Press Office said:
“We help people in many different ways”
– through our independent charity the British Gas Energy Trust
– the Warm Home Discount Schemes, dedicated teams to support vulnerable customers
– our £1.2 million Community Action Partnership with National Energy Action
– the National fuel poverty charity
– free cavity wall and loft insulation
– free boiler scheme for people on certain benefits