Nottingham is feeling the love, as Valentine’s day approaches. Flowers, chocolates, red hearts and romance. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? Well maybe not.

Tomorrow is the most loved up day of the year. Local shops and restaurants have been busy making preparations, decorating their window displays and stocking their shelves. The red tape, pink confetti and delicious confectionery is undoubtedly inescapable.


Roses, Flower Stall, Market Square.

However, many believe that the day’s over-commercialization often obscures the true importance of the special day, with money replacing its true value and meaning.

Dr Richard Davey, parish of All Saints, St Marry and St Peter’s church reminds the people of Nottingham that Valentine’s day isn’t just for couples.

“Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to actually speak and think about how we treat other people. Not just girlfriend, boyfriend, husband and wife, but anybody.”
Richard Davey, Reverend

Video: Dr Richard Davey, Parish of All Saint’s, St Mary’s and St. Peter’s Church.

Valentine’s Day (celebrated on February the 14th) is thought to be named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century.

Although some suggest that the history Valentine’s Day has pre-Christian origins, and that the concept of romantic love goes back to ancient times, long before the legend of St. Valentine.