Younger children are causing more of the crimes in Nottingham as new findings show there’s been a slight increase compared to the last few years.

In recent years there has been a fluctuation in crime levels amongst young children. Last year there were more young people entering the criminal justice youth system than there have been in previous years.

A number of reasons have caused these crimes to increase. City Criminologist Robert Burke Hopkins says it has a lot to do with modern culture.

“The magic term is ‘the street’, it’s out there in youth culture”

“A lot of the films, music and social media has had an influence in the way young people are acting”. Mr Hopkins says that “the magic term is ‘the street’, it’s out there in youth culture”.

However, he does also say that there is never any certainty with the trends and that some young people may not be prosecuted due to a lack of resources.

Audio: Robert Burke Hopkins, City Criminologist