The structure which once housed dozens of exotic birds but is now under threat due to a proposal submitted by Nottingham City Council. The park is enjoyed by thousands every year.

If planning permission is granted, the area will be landscaped with seating and views over the pond.

In his proposal statement, Parks Development Manager James Dymond said that “the building has been out of use for many years and due to its poor condition and unattractive design it detracts from the park.”


Members of the public agree with a student who walks through the park daily saying “I walk right past the pond and always peek inside the aviaries, and I must say that I’m glad the white building might be demolished.”

However, others feel that a renovation would be more appropriate and cost effective. They claim that demolition would be “another part of Nottingham history gone.”

The birdhouse was built in the 1930s but has stood empty for more than 20 years.