Nottingham’s road safety has come under scrutiny after an elderly couple were hit by a bus outside the Victoria centre and there have been calls for the council to look at safety on the roads for pedestrians.

The elderly couple were seriously injured in the accident on Tuesday (09/02/16) morning and the man is still in a critical condition. Police have said the woman has serious injuries – but they are not life threatening.

This is not the first time pedestrians have been involved in collisions with vehicles in the city. Roughly around 37 people are killed or seriously injured every week on Nottinghamshire’s roads.

“generally safe and is down to the behaviour of the people using it”

Scott Talbot-Hartshorn, Team Leader of the Road Safety at Nottingham City Council, says that the crossing where the accident happened is dangerous if people are not careful.

Nottingham city council’s Scott Talbot-Harsthorn wants pedestrians to be more safety conscious

Despite the accident, many people still cross without waiting for the lights to change appropriately.

Nottingham’s pedestrians clearly walk out while there is a red man

Many shoppers in Nottingham think people don’t pay enough attention.

Public opinion on the crossing’s safety


The general viewpoint of the public on social media is also that crossings are unsafe.


Here are some tweets that have been sent in.

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