The British Dental Health Foundation has launched its new programme ‘Brush Time’. 26 schools and nurseries in Nottinghamshire are taking part, to teach children how to take better care of their smiles.

The British Dental Health Foundation has found that although general oral health has improved, the levels of dental decay in children’s first and second teeth is still a major problem.

National statistics reveal:

38% of 12 year olds have dental decay.

27% of 5 year olds have dental decay.

10% regularly forget to brush their teeth.

25% only brush once a day

‘Brush Time’ aims to help school and nursery staff teach children how to brush their teeth properly. The average 5 year old eats their own body weight in sugar every year and has around 3 times the amount of their recommended daily intake of sugar every day.

Video: Julia Wilkinson from the Oral Health Promotions group, Stapleford, says it’s all about making different choices.