A fantastic ‘hopportunity’ for local breweries returns to Nottinghamshire. Champion Beer of Nottingham will be held on 18th February in Canalhouse Yard.

The festival lasts for three days, in which time beers made across Nottinghamshire are judged independently in a number of heats until an overall winner is announced.

The Champion Beer of Nottingham Award is presented with three ales winning gold, silver and bronze medals. The award was presented last year at the Nottingham Beer Festival to the beer known as ‘Chocolate Guerrilla Bottled’.

Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire is a local offshoot of the legendary Champion Beer of Britain competition that has run for the last 38 years run by CAMRA- the Campaign for Real Ale.

” Beer festivals in the UK are completely different compared to the rest of the continent”

ray Kirby, camra

Ray Kirby, Social Secretary of Nottingham CAMRA

Breweries across Nottinghamshire both old and new will be taking part such as Nottingham Brewery in Radford, Muir House Brewery and the Black Market Brewery  in Worksop.

Castle Rock Brewery was one of the founders of the Nottingham edition of the competition and are now looking to top their best ranking from last year.

Lewis Townsend , Marketing Manager of Nottingham CAMRA

The Yard’s doors will open at 5 pm on Thursday, 18th February with the participating beers available for the public to taste on Saturday 20th February.