Islamophobia is a real contentious issue in America, with Donald Trump calling for a total ban on Muslims entering the country in what could be seen as a rash reaction to the attacks by Islamic State.

This worrying attitude seems to present itself on this side of the Atlantic. Anti-Muslim attacks tripled in London in the week that followed the attacks in Paris.

Tahir Khan, 22, from Nottingham, was attacked so violently by three men on his way home from work that he suffered severe injuries and ended up in hospital.

It happened just off Carrington Street, past the train station at around 11.30pm on November 19, 2015 . A CCTV Camera at the scene rotates a full 360 degrees, taking 45 minutes. Unfortunately it was facing out towards traffic at the time.

“They just started shouting terrorist and p***,” he said.

“As they got closer to me they started telling me to go back to my own country and they said ‘you did this in France'”.

Video: Hate crime victim, Tahir, thinks these attacks happen more often than reported.

A report to the Government’s working group on anti-Muslim hatred shows a spike in Islamophobia hate crime of more than 300 percent. The majority of these victims have been Muslim girls and women.

Tahir is still on the road to recovery and he has to take strong painkillers.  He explained, “I’ve got to be on the painkillers for another four weeks and it’s going to be another 6-8 weeks for a full recovery.”

His injuries included:

  • Three broken ribs
  • One of the ribs slicing internal tissue
  • Internal bleeding

Professor in Criminology, Bill Dixon, at the University of Nottingham has co-written a report entitled ‘Why Do They Do It?’ which was an investigative academic article into racial harassment.

Professor Dixon raises the theory that being racist is not a clear cut and does not simply equate to hating everyone who is foreign.

Video: Criminologist, Bill Dixon explains logic of “I’m not a racist – But!”

A spokesperson for Nottinghamshire police said the force will do everything in its power to bring people to justice.

Hate crime is unacceptable. the Force takes any incidents incredibly seriously.

However, Mr Dixon believes the problem remains a fundamental one: “I think racism is still a problem in society, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that.

“To a certain extent it may have been driven underground. The kind of language that was used in the 1980s, observed by researchers, wouldn’t be used now,” he said.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is an independent body which actively works with over 500 different organisations, charities, mosques, and schools.

It has released a statement in a public attempt to distance Islam from the terrorist organisation ISIS, in the hope that Muslims and those of the Islamic faith do not face any more persecution.

Video: The Muslim Council of Britain hopes to relieve any current tensions