Seven parks across the city are being provided with new equipment, skate ramps and football pitches thanks to an investment of over £600,000.

Following on from a £150,000 initiative last year, which saw three parks revamped, recreation grounds in areas such as Broxtowe Estate and Sherwood will be redeveloped.

Other parks include sites in Sneinton, Carrington and Radford after Nottingham City Council asked residents which areas they thought were most in need of a make-over.

The main investment in the project – £473,000 – comes from WREN, a non-profit company helping communities who live near landfill sites.

Nottingham City Council will add a further £226,000 to the fund with £25,000 coming from Nottingham City Homes.

Refurbishment works on the parks is expected to be finished by 2019.