The National Association of Head Teachers says more support is needed in schools for children with mental health issues to prevent life long psychological problems.

Nottingham Association Head Teachers is backing the bid for one point four billion pounds to be spent to provide schools with support services.

A key concern amongst the NAHT is that a fifth of children have mental health issues before the age of 11. Two thirds of primary schools do not have anything in place to support these children.

The Government has said it will invest £1.4bn to give primary schools the support they need to help prevent these children having psychological problems as they develop.

“the government is determined to improve children’s mental health.”

Russell Hobby, general secretary of the Heads of Union at NAHT, says: “We know the government is determined to improve childrens’ mental health but there’s still a danger that some children will take untreated mental problems into adult hood.”

A survey by the NAHT Union revealed that 64% of primary schools do not have access to a counsellor on site. Many of these schools claim that their budget just won’t stretch to cover the costs that come with mental health.

Charities suchs as Place2be and YoungMinds are hoping to work alongside the government and schools in order to improve the structure of support.

“We’re at a turning point in tackling children’s mental health issues.”

The Department of Education said: “We’re at a turning point in how we tackle children’s mental health issues and are demined to get it right. That’s why we are investing £1.4bn over this parliament to transform mental health support for children and young people, and have also given £1.5m over the last 3 years to projects involving Place2be.”