An exhibition in Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Centre is encouraging people to rethink the way in they recycle their rubbish and turn it into useful items around the house.

Trash to Treasure’ is a series of exhibitions featuring artwork and everyday objects which have all been created from waste. It is organised by Knowtrash, who are taking a collection of contemporary recycled objects and showing them in exhibitions across the country.

According to Veolia UK, simply recycling a bleach bottle could save enough energy to power a street light for six and a half hours.

we need to rethink and redesign

Neil Thomson, co-curator of Knowtrash

The exhibition is promoting the notion of there being no such thing as waste. It offers an insight into what can be made from everyday household items and celebrates the materials we have in the world.  It also displays the skills and passion of the makers who turn what we think of as trash into treasure.

Neil Thomson, co-curator of the scheme believes that we need to view recycling differently.


A lot of the exhibition is made up by people using materials from their homes. Neil says “It is very easy to decorate a bottle and use it to keep something in it, it’s very easy to turn a bit of vinyl or old textiles into a bag, wallet or a cushion”. Even a cereal box can be used to make a toy or a present.


The exhibition is also taking part in the Nottingham Light Night activities by holding a family friendly lantern making workshop. Plastic milk bottles can easily be turned into little glowing lanterns with the help of a candle or a small LED.

The public will be able to attend workshops and talks focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling, providing practical guidance and advice on preventing household waste.

Take a look at what to expect here: