A Creative Quarter programme that invested £800,000 to make an area of Nottingham more attractive is complete, but the outcomes are causing disruption to local residents and drivers.

The roadworks, which took nine months to complete, were put in place to attract more people to the area.

Improvements to Derby Road include:

  • Wider pavements
  • Easier on-street parking
  • Improved crossing facilities
  • New road surface
  • Trees

Although the regeneration of the area has attracted more people, the roadworks caused disruption to residents and damage to their homes.

Ropewalk Court resident, Taylor Jordan, says ‘There was a lot of disruption, the roadwork’s started at 7am most mornings and the vibrations from the breaker they were using cracked my balcony window’

Simon Bingham-Ward, an employee and frequent driver on the road, says, ‘the council have failed to take into account that this a main arterial route into the city’

‘They’ve made it too heavily pedestrianized- now that’s great in somewhere like Hockley where it is a pedestrian area that traffic has limited access to, however in an area like this I’ve noticed pedestrians are a lot more complacent’

“I’ve seen several accidents occur on the Road, people wondering into the road and forcing drivers to slam their brakes on”

Simon Bingham-Ward