The the first design guide for the Nottingham Cycle City Ambition Programme (NCCAP) has been published by Nottingham City Council and is hoped to improve cycle routes and facilities across the city.

The guide has been developed with input from the public and cycling associations.

The live document demonstrates the changing trends and improvements to  infrastructure across the city and charts the development of the NCCAP project’s progress.

The city council hopes the guide will raise the standards of design work to resolve problems – such as traffic congestion and lack of cycle routes, faced by current cyclists.

One of the CityCard cycle hire racks, with no more bikes available.

Work on the new super highway started back in October and is set to be complete for April which is the first of the improvements that will be noticed.

Other work such as revamping current cycle lanes will not be complete until 2018.

The city council has warned there will be traffic disruptions throughout the work but these will be localised to smaller areas and residents will be notified in advance.

The plan sets out to:

  • Build a Cycle Super Highway between Lenton and the city centre
  • Improve current cycle lanes, making them safer and easier to travel on
  • Supply more CityCard Cycles across Nottingham
  • Include a cycle hub at Nottingham Train Station

This is part of a £6.1million investment from D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership for improving cycling infrastructure across the city.

By improving public transport, reducing congestion and reducing the environmental impact it is hoped the scheme will bring in additional investment for the city which is already praised for its tram network.