Nottingham is soon to join the board game trend, becoming home to a pair of unique cafes and bringing a wealth of games to the public.

Both The Dice Cup on Mansfield Road and Ludorati Cafe on Maid Marian Way plan to officially open in March this year, providing a space to relax and play games you might not have ever heard of.

They are set to bring people into the city to experience a different kind of fun. Nottingham’s economy is set to benefit from the new eateries, with the Ludorati bringing valuable jobs to the city with 84 job applications already posted.

Ludorati plans to store over 750 games in a dedicated space apart from the standard lunch area. Board gamers will have a specific part called ‘the cube’ a partitioned area for those more focused groups.

Below are the layout plans of what it will look like.

Whilst they are known for bringing people together, it can sometimes feel exclusive.  A misconception that both cafes are working to change by bringing these games into the public eye.

Nicholas Higgins, the managing director of Ludorati Cafe spoke about this problem