The president of the Nottingham Trent University Students’ Union has criticised a report which has described the Students’ Union as ‘ hostile to free speech’.

The study has been complied by Spiked who campaign for free speech within UK universities. This is the second year that the report has been created.

SU president Jeremiah Anson criticises the report from Spiked

The Union have been given a Red rating, which is described as ‘hostile to free speech and freedom of expression’.

Jeremiah Anson, president of the Students’ Union, believes that the rating given is unfair on the university.

“Some of the data that Spiked have used is out of date.”


          Nottingham Trent University has been graded ‘amber’ overall.  

“I would definitely say it is a harsh rating but if you take a look at the table, I think there are under 10% of Student Unions that have got a green rating.’

“It seems to be painting quite a negative picture of Student Unions.”

The Students’ Union was marked down due to their initiations policy, their ban on a UKIP society which was overturned, and their ban on The Sun Newspaper.

Both Nottingham Trent University and University of Nottingham were rated as ‘Amber’ by the site.