Key public events this summer will be smoke free as Nottingham City Council looks to reduce the number of smokers in the area.

The City Council declared that the move is to protect children and young people who attend these events.

This is part of the Council’s latest five year tobacco strategy to tackle this issue. This aims to improve the health of Nottingham citizens and achieve an adult smoking rate of 20% or lower by 2020.

Nottingham figures show:

  • Over  a quarter of all residents within Nottingham city smoke
  • 22% of households with children, allow smoking within the home
  • 23% of smokers are aged 16-17 years.
  • 71% of deaths related to lung cancer has been caused by smoking

Summer events such as the Lord Mayor’s parade, The Riverside festival, or outdoor theatres at Wollaton Park have banned smoking.

The people of Nottingham have mixed views on this new announcement