Nottingham is set to become the second UK city to ban smoking in outdoor spaces in order to protect children and young people.

Major events like the Market Square beach and Winter Wonderland were declared ‘smoke-free’ areas last year and people will be banned from smoking at events like the Riverside Festival and at Nottingham Castle.

It’s a part of the City Council’s five year Tobacco Control Strategy which aims to tackle Nottingham’s current smoking figures.

Nottingham Smoking Figures

Dr Marcus Bicknell who is a GP at Beechdale surgery thinks that the scheme will stop younger people taking up the habit.

A number of events will become smoke-free zones, including the Lord Mayor’s Parade, Riverside Festival, the outdoor theatre at Wollaton and Nottingham castle, as well as the Winter Wonderland and beach.

However, whilst the city council are hoping cigarette usage will reduce, Tristan Hall, an ex-smoker, thinks that the perception of e-cigarettes is cooler to young people than cigarettes.

Tristan Hall discusses how e-cigarettes seem to be cooler to young people than cigarettes


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