One hundred and sixty two new luxury student studio apartments are being built in the old Halo night club building.

The Hydrogen development taking place on Wollaton Road by FHP Student Living will have rooms believed to be the most expensive student flats in Nottingham – available from £150 per week which is doubled for its penthouse studio.

Some of the largest apartments measure up at 425 square feet, over twice the size of typical student accommodations – enough space to house couples.

“Yes, they are expensive at the higher end, but they are a different product, setting itself aside from anything else that’s on the market” said Jonty Green, property consultant with FHP Student Living.

There will be a restaurant and a fast food takeaway on the ground floor which is thought to bring a communal feeling to the building which student halls can often lack.

At the moment, Nottingham Trent University’s accommodation prices peak at £163 per week for a large studio flat which could see FHP struggling to secure residents.

Once all the flats have been let in the new academic year, FHP will retain control of the lettings but will sell the building on.

Jonty Green of FHP Student Living explains their plans for the building after flats have been rented.