Nottingham Trent University are supporting the This Girl Can campaign by holding a week of events aimed at encouraging more women to participate in sport.

The campaign was launched by Sport England last year and it is estimated that 1.6 million females have taken up regular exercise as a result.

After Nottingham was named The Home of English Sport in October by VisitEngland, there is hope that the city will see an increase in the number of female participants.

The city beat Manchester, London and Yorkshire to gain the title.

The week kicked off with a visit from Notts County and England goalkeeper Carly Telford who spoke to the students and participated in a penalty shootout.

Matt Nicholson, the Vice President of Sport at NTU, is pleased with the number of people getting involved.

Vice President of Sport Matt Nicholson discusses the importance of the role Carly Telford has this week. 

“It’s something that we are really passionate about.”

“We’ve had loads of events going on to really promote women’s sport and how to get involved while at university. We are also celebrating the great things that women at this university have achieved.”

To further promote the campaign, the university are giving away ‘Trent Girls Can’ T-shirts to the player of the match in each women’s sporting fixture.

Squash player Jem Chiuco was named player of the match in her fixture and believes that the giveaway could help to promote women’s sport.

“It definitely encourages girls to do sport and the T-shirts give you extra recognition so it’s a good idea.”

Events will be continuing throughout the week across the Nottingham Trent University campuses, including a women’s futsal tournament, yoga and a netball tournament.