Nottingham City Council is offering residents over 16 years old. Eight weeks of free sports sessions in a range of centres across the city. With FREEsport – you can play at any time.

Anyone over 16 can take part in Nottingham City Council’s Freesport programme – and people can do as many sessions as they want during the eight-week period.

The annual initiative includes beginners’ sessions in activities like tennis, netball, running, archery, badminton, table tennis, squash, cycling, swimming,  basketball – as well as more advanced coaching sessions and multi-sport sessions specifically designed for those with disabilities.

The sessions will take place at Clifton Leisure Centre, Harvey Hadden Sports Village, John Carroll Leisure Centre, Ken Martin Leisure Centre, Nottingham Tennis Centre, Southglade Leisure Centre and the Victoria Leisure Centre.

All sessions are free of charge for those with who have signed up for  FREEsport subscription.  Those living outside the city are not eligible for the initiative but can still attend sessions for £2 and can attend coached sessions at £3.

What’s on offer 

  • Learner/ returner – For those wanting to take up a new sport or needing a new challenge. This is a relaxed introduction to sport, whether returning from long break away from the sport, or just wanting to try something new
  • Sport club led – Sessions in clubs for a range of abilities from beginner to experienced, providing smooth entry into regular club activity
  • Drop in and play – This is the most flexible where players can new drop in for sessions across city leisure centres, just turn up and play your way.

Recent statics by The City Council have shown that Obesity in England has more than doubled in the last 27 years.

It is estimated that 27% of residents over 16 are obese in Nottingham compared with 24.5% in England. Without intervention obesity will rise for both men and women by 2050.

The city council is aiming to lower these statics with the eight weeks free sport activities for over 16s. Councillor  Dave Trimble believes it will help.

FreeSPORtS IS exciting. People will be able to get back into sports or start sports this will bring great benefits

Councillor  Dave Trimble