Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council Alan Rhodes has written to all the area MPs to express his concern over the how this year’s cuts will residents across the county.

The county council is facing the prospect of having its annual spending reduced by £62m over the next three years – £9m worse than anticipated.

In the letter, Councillor Rhodes sets out a number of ways in which the Government could alleviate the immediate threat to local services. These include:

  • Bringing the implementation of the new Better Care Fund forward a year early to 2017/18, which would also help reduce the increasing strain on the NHS.
  • Revising the method used to distribute grants to properly recognise the pressures on councils providing social care services.
  • Devolve more flexibility and freedom to councils allowing them to set their own Council Tax levels
  •  Make the Council Tax freeze grant element a permanent funding source.

Councillor Alan Rhodes said in a statement: “I am alarmed at the disconnect between central and local government, with decisions being taken at a national level with seemingly little or no understanding of their impact on normal people.”

“The pressures of demographic growth, an ageing population and other demands mean that county councils like Nottinghamshire will soon face the prospect of not being able to deliver our basic statutory functions.”