Pest control experts have warned that more and more rats will invade the homes of Nottinghamshire residents this winter.

The British Pest Control Association has released a statement saying ‘Rats are more likely to invade your home during colder weather.

Rats’ primary food source is from humans. So when you are turning your heating on in preparation for the colder months, make sure you check your property for any entrances for rats to squeeze through.

Jason Downing from Pulse Pest Control said: “When they get left they get out of hand very quickly.”

Mr Downing added: “It’s difficult when a rat doesn’t take the poison bait, which we would typically use to treat an infestation.”


For centuries rats have been seen as vermin but there are some people who keep rats for pets.

Owner Phil Fox has bred and kept rats for years. “They are great animals and have survived over time, there are so many reasons to like them,” he said.

“Rats just get a bad reputation from the Black Death, but they are ingenious.”


  • There are more than 60 species of rats meaning some will be much larger than others
  • A group of rats is called a Mischief
  • Rats primary food source is from humans
  • 600 offspring can be birthed every year

Nottingham City Council is warning residents not to panic.


If you are concerned about your property and would like some advice then call your local pest control service or alternatively ring the city council on 0115 915 2020.