Finding work is an issue many people face but a young student from Nottingham found the answer as an apprentice. The apprenticeship scheme changed her career path for life.

After completing her apprenticeship, Ellie Marsden, from Hucknall, was offered a permanent role at the Treat Kitchen, Wheeler Gate, Nottingham.

The 18-year-old mum originally studied at New College Nottingham where she was taught Maths, English and Science.

After struggling to keep up with the demands of her subjects, Ellie took the opportunity to become an apprentice working in a sweet shop in the city.

“There’s boxes everywhere, i’m SURROUNDED by fudge…i love it here!”
ellie marsden, 18

After impressing her employers she soon landed herself a full-time job. Despite the loss in academic qualifications, she was pleased with the decision to accept the job and move on with a new future. She says she has not looked back since.

Having responsibility, where a hands-on approach is needed, and earning money were the main attractions for the Hucknall teenager. She believes these benefits make up for missing out on college certificates.

Sweet Close-up
Sweets galore: many products on offer at the Treat Kitchen!

Ellie said; ‘It was always the same, go to college to study something because everyone else was – which was OK – but not for me.

“I have this job that allows me to support my family. There’s boxes everywhere, I’m surrounded by fudge…I love it here”.

During her time as an apprentice, Ellie also witnessed two Nottingham Trent University students earn a permanent role in the sweet shop. This is something that is encouraged by co-owner Martin Barnett, who thinks the apprenticeship scheme can also benefit the company as well students.


Audio: Martin Barnett explains why his company supports the apprenticeship scheme.

NCN currently has over 1,000 apprenticeship placements, with Nottingham offering opportunities in various industries.

Liz Baxter, NCN’s careers and destination coach, believes there are many advantages of an apprenticeship and can see why young people prefer a modern way of learning.

Audio: NCN’s Liz Baxter gives her opinion on young people turning to apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships offer an alternative route to an academic career and students like Ellie have been able gain qualifications whilst also gaining valuable work experience and earning a living.

Ellie will continue to pack, stock and sell sweets and has says she has finally found the right job for her.

Take a look below in a day in the life of Ellie…

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