Following the housing of all 24 rough sleepers from the camp based near Intu’s Broadmarsh Centre campaign group Fightback Nottingham has announced it will vacate the plot of land.

This comes after Nottinghamshire County Council secured a possession order for bailiffs to evict the campers from the site yesterday (14.01.16). None of the protesters turned up to challenge the hearing at Nottingham County Court.

The order prevents the homeless camp from moving to other land owned by the council such as the Old Market Square or further east of the Broadmarsh Centre.

Alec Cohen, of Fightback, says the eviction was unjust and believes the council could have worked alongside the protesters to reach a better outcome for those sleep rough who are at the heart of the issue.

Audio: Alec Cohen of protest group Fightback disagrees with the council’s decision to evict the rough sleepers.

Nottingham City Council, which has also applied for the eviction of the protesters, hopes to be able to take action next week if the campers fail to leave following a second eviction notice hearing today (15.01.16).

The Cliff Road camp has been occupied for the past two weeks, since New Year’s day, when the protesters were evicted from their previous site outside the Council House on Station Street where their campaign began.

Tents used for storing food, supplies and for sleeping in.
Tents used for storing food, supplies and for sleeping in.

Activists took to the land after the city council announced it would not be opening up empty buildings for the homeless this winter.

Instead the council said it would be focussing on an initiative designed to prevent anyone from having to sleep rough for more than one night. The ‘No Second Night Out’ pledge allows rough sleepers to seek services after just one night out in the cold.

Currently the land on Cliff Road is still occupied by as many as twenty tents and two caravans. But the protesters have promised they will be leaving shortly.

“they are a little late as always”

Last night the protest group Fightback claimed victory on their Facebook page after accommodation had been found for all of those sleeping rough.

The post said that they feel “very proud” of what they have achieved and called for a further show of support by stating:”Now let’s celebrate, on the council’s door step!”

“We will not forget their abuse of our activists on this camp either and this is the first in a series of events targeting those responsible for harassing our vulnerable residents and the negative propaganda and slander we have faced daily”.

“The council have taken action to evict us, but they are a little late as always”.

This celebration is planned to take place tomorrow (16.01.16) in the Old Market Square in front of the Town Hall from 12pm.