Nottingham will be among one of the first cities outside of London to adopt a new smart card system allowing people to use public transport by topping up their cards with cash.

The oyster card-style ticket will be available later next month (December 2015) allowing people easier travel on buses, trams and trains.

Passengers will be able to charge their smart card with cash and use it on any public transport service around the city – and out to areas including Beeston, Clifton and West Bridgford.

Already popular in London, Nottingham City Council hopes the card will encourage more people to use public transport and help Nottingham become more sustainable.  

“good public transport, the tram system, good bus services is all part of the answer”

David Thornhill, Nottinghamshire better transport

David Thornhill, of the Nottinghamshire campaign for better transport, hopes the new system will encourage more people to use public transport instead of their cars.

“With an increase in population, we’re reaching the point where you just cannot accommodate more cars, you have to have an alternative,” he said.

“it can be used on any public transport within the county”

mark spencer, Sherwood mp

 The smart card system will allow more integrated travel by making it much easier for people to use bus, train and tram networks.

Mark Spencer, Conservative Sherwood MP, agrees that the introduction of the new system will make using public transport more appealing to people.

“It can be used on any public transport within the county therefore making it easier and encouraging more people to use it,” he said.

Tickets will be available to buy from 90 ticket machines and 140 shops throughout the city. 

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