Nottingham has been voted England’s Official Home of Sport. This follows a nationwide campaign in search for England’s top sporting destination.

The campaign, which was an online poll, was set up by the tourism body, VisitEngland. In true East Midlands fashion Nottingham was quick out of the starting blocks, receiving more nominations than any other English destination.

The cities nominated were Gloucestershire, London, Manchester, Rugby and Yorkshire. Nottingham smashed the public voting stage with 38% of the total votes.



The city is home to more sporting venues per head of population compared to any other city in Europe including Trent Bridge, the City Football Ground, home of Nottingham Forest, and the Ice Arena.

Its rich sporting history is also kept alive by events such as the Robin Hood Marathon.

Laura Stanmore, a marathon runner, said: “I’m so proud to be from Nottingham and I think events like this really give a great sense of community sporting spirit.”

Media and Communications Manager, Thomas Holdcroft said: “I think the fact that it was an Ashes year here at Trent Bridge will have helped. It’s no surprise to anyone here at Trent Bridge that Nottingham won the home of sport.”

It’s not only tourism which will benefit from the new title. With all the sporting opportunities Nottingham has to offer, it gives children a chance to get involved in sports.

Helping to do this is the National Videogame Arcade, Nottingham. This half term, GameCity teamed  up with Nottingham City of Football to invite the children of Nottingham to test a series of football games that combine reality with imagination.

Thomas Holdcroft says Trent Bridge aims to get more children involved in cricket.

Audio: Thomas Holdcroft speaks on Trent Bridge
Slideshow: Images of Nottingham

Charlotte Trusselle, vice president for development of Lacrosse at Nottingham Trent University, hopes the title will encourage more students to come to Nottingham and join university sporting teams.

Audio: Charlotte Trusselle on Lacrosse at Nottingham Trent
Video: Lacrosse training session

  • Nottingham has more sports facilities per head of the population than anywhere else in Europe
  • Nottingham is home to the oldest football club in the country, Notts County, formed in 1862.
  • Nottingham is famous for the most wickets in first class cricket.
  •  Nottingham is home to the longest ever table tennis rally.
  • Nottingham’s William Henry Dusty Hare won the most points in a rugby union.

A number of famous sportsmen and women have come out of Nottingham, including Brian Clough and figure skaters Torvill and Dean.

It is hoped the new title will produce yet more famous sporting names from Nottingham.