A brand new £1 million go-karting circuit will be opening to customers in Netherfield, Nottingham, in the early weeks of December.

TeamSport Indoor Go-Karting have many circuits nationwide and have now decided to open a new, state-of-the-art circuit in Nottingham, providing a new experience for children and adults alike.

Children from the age of eight and upwards will have the chance to race around the track, with up to 16 go-karts being allowed to race all at the same time.

TeamSport’s Managing Director, Dominic Gaynor, says that the circuit is a “massive, massive facility”, which includes:

  • a 750 metre track
  • 15 corners
  • 200cc Go-Karts with a top speed of 40mph
  • Multi-tier and flyover section on the circuit
  • A triple underpass


"A massive, massive track": What the track will end up looking like.
“A massive, massive facility”: A map of what the track will look like once it is completed.

Nottingham has a reputation for providing fantastic sporting opportunities to people of all ages which has been recognised nationally as the city is now the country’s Home of Sport.

Mr Gaynor believes that the new circuit is a vital addition to Nottingham’s reputation as a sporting city and hopes to make go-karting an accessible sport in the city.

“There isn’t any indoor go-karting in Nottingham, you have to go as far north as Mansfield or right down to Loughborough (to go go-karting).

“Motorsport historically is pretty inaccessible, it’s really expensive to get involved with and that’s where indoor karting comes in because it is an entry level to get involved with motorsport”, he said.

Nottingham is renowned for producing talented sportsmen and sportswomen and Mr Gaynor believes that TeamSport Nottingham could help discover the next Formula 1 Champion.

Tuition: TeamSport give all their drivers guidance to become the best drivers they can be.
Tuition: TeamSport give all their drivers guidance to become the best drivers they can be.

“We do tuition and race stuff for kids the age of 8 and upwards so getting kids involved early is certainly the way forward.

“I don’t see any reason why in 15/20 years time a driver that first raced at TeamSport Nottingham couldn’t be Formula 1 World Champion”, he added.

Professional racing driver, Kieran Vernon, believes that go-karting is a vital step to progress in motorsport.

“It gives you that kind of footstep into building the skills to become a professional driver.”