Experts are warning bonfire night and the festive season can be a stressful time for pets and owners alike. Families across Nottingham can avoid the dangers by following a few simple safety tips.

Whilst most people enjoy the excitement of fireworks not all pets are as enthusiastic with around a million animals affected by the loud noise.

“Around 50% of dogs fear FIREWORKS”

According to research conducted by the RSPCA around 50 per-cent of dogs are fearful of fireworks. RSPCA Scientific Officer, Lisa Richards, said:”Make sure the enjoyment is for everyone – animals may become distressed or confused at what’s happening.

“We would always advise letting your vet know of any signs of stress or unusual behaviour in your animal.”

Image: Make sure your pet is as comfortable as can be 


Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has issued a list of three top tips for staying safe this bonfire night.

People are advised to: Attend organised displays; only buy fireworks from reputable retailers and never from people on the street and light bonfires well away from sheds, fences, bushes and trees.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has also offered their top ten safety tips.

timelapse_3Image: Time lapse over the Forest Recreation Ground


Andrew Draper, clinical director at Oak House Veterinary Centre in the heart of Nottingham, gives some advice on how to look after your pets.

Video: Andrew Draper gives some expert advice for all animals

remember remember your pets this november

Elliott Reed, who is one of the owners at Kitty Cafe in  Nottingham, also gives some expert advice on keeping your cats safe during the festive season.

Audio: Food, toys and attention is all a cat needs according to Elliot Reed

Experts say that if your pet is acting strange, always seek advice from your vet.

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