After many months and many meetings the city council has finally announced its final plans for the redevelopment of Nottingham’s Broadmarsh centre.


It is estimated the £250 million scheme will help create more than 3000 jobs in the Nottingham area and will bring almost £1.1 billion into the local economy every year.

General Manager at the Broadmarsh centre, Adam Tamsett believes the project will be a major boost to area’s job market.

The redevelopment will also introduce major changes to the lay-out of the city as whole buildings and streets are set to be altered.

  • Collin Street will be fully pedestrianised with shops, cafes, landscaping and water features.
  • Parts of Carrington Street will also be pedestrianised except for bus access.
  • Broadmarsh Bus centre and Car Park will be refurbished to give them a more modern feel

car parkmap

Detailed plans of the redevelopment have been published on the city council’s website where residents are being asked for their views.

Benefits to the city centre

Developers hope the changes will benefit the city in many ways. These include new traffic controls to ease congestion on Maid Marion Way.

It is also hoped the pedestrianisation of some of the main roads will lead to less accidents on dangerous corners at night.