Nottingham Contemporary kicks off its holiday craft fair this weekend bringing artists and designers from around the region into one public venue.

Between the Christmas market, store sales and now a craft fair, Nottingham holiday shopping is in full swing.

Craft.Design.Contemporary is back again this year and starts tonight (Friday Dec 4) continuing through the weekend.

Nottingham Contemporary Marketing Manager, Vicky Godfrey, said the event has been going on for about five years and centres around promoting regional contemporary art.

“6,000 visitors over the two days.”
Vicky Godfrey, Marketing Manager

“It’s been really popular,” said Godfrey, “it’s one of our biggest weekends of the year and we get about 6,000 visitors over the two days.”

Local artists like Jade Doran, Beauty in Brutal designer, get the chance to sell their work in a festive setting.

“I hand-make my products and I think that’s what’s nice about Nottingham at the moment, they’re sort of really pushing hand-made products,” said Doran. “And the [Nottingham] Contemporary is so good at doing that, it’s a really special event to be part of.”


Doran joined the craft fair scene this year and is excited about her success, but it is not yet enough for her to give up her interior design career to focus completely on Beauty in Brutal.

“It would depend if my home-made products take off and I can afford not to work full time,” said the designer. “Then maybe I’d consider the bigger Christmas markets.”

If the fair goes well for Doran, she will consider launching an online shop.

“And hopefully it’s really busy because it’s just in time for Christmas,” Doran said with a laugh.

The event opens tonight at 6pm for a preview with live music, seasonal food and drink. The fair is free to attend.