Planned strikes by junior doctors have been called off this week after a temporary deal has been made with health secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The strikes were planned after junior doctors argued new proposed changes to their contracts would cut their pay and increase their anti-social working hours.

These changes are part of the Government’s push for a ‘Seven-Day NHS’, which unions fear could lead to junior doctors being overworked and underpaid at weekends and evenings.

The Government has agreed to review the new contract, if junior doctors cancelled all three of the strikes planned in the run up to Christmas.

“The NHS As a whole will suffer”
Dr Daniel Thurston

However, not all doctors are happy with the contract still being considered. Dr Daniel Thurston, a junior doctor from Queens Medical Centre explained: “If the contracts are approved, junior doctors won’t be safe to make decisions about patient care.”

He added: “Ultimately the NHS as a whole will suffer as a result of this contract.”

This is not the first time doctors and nurses have voiced their opposition to the new measures.

Hundreds of junior doctors, nurses and other NHS staff took the streets of Nottingham, London and other major UK cities to protest the introduction of the newly proposed contracts in October.