Cllr-Trimble-ScreenshotThe new Hyson Green Library is finally up and running after 2 years of decision making, designing and disagreements.

Nottingham City Council’s plans to move the library over to the Mary Potter Centre came to life on Monday as the newly renovated facility was opened.

The new library boasts a quiet zone, IT area, children, young person and adult spaces as well as a performance and activity room.

When the plans were decided, campaigners were protesting in Old Market Square over the disappointment of the potential move. Now, feeling’s are different.

Councillor David Trimble who has been working alongside this proposal said “People don’t like change but it was all about modernising the Library and making it a nicer place for people to go to and work at.”

“The old library was old fashioned and falling apart, so rather than renovating the whole building, we decided to move it to a more modern location.”

The Mary Potter Centre is based in Hyson Green, across the road to where the old library was located. The updated building holds a medical practice, health clinic as well as a pharmacy, offering useful facilities to the community.

The Council are working to develop libraries in and around Nottingham; including Bulwell and St Anns, recently spending £300,000 on a brand new renovation in Arnold. Councillor Trimble thinks any amount of money is important is necessary for our local libraries.

“I would think more than £300,000 would be an ideal amount to spend on creating new libraries and developing out existing ones. They are an important part of our communities. It’s all about developing services for the future generations.”