Nottinghamshire police are cracking down on drink-driving in the run up to Christmas. Officers are taking a no-tolerance approach to those who drive whilst under the influence putting themselves and others at risk.

Police are hoping to cut the annual average of 5,500 arrests made in Nottinghamshire for drink driving offences this Christmas.

The number of arrests made in December is 40% higher than the yearly average- with over one in four motorists admitting to drink driving.

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How much do you need to drink to be over the limit?

  • 35 micrograms per 100ml breath.
  • 80 milligrams per 100ml blood.
  • 107 milligrams per 100ml urine.

The consequences of being caught drink driving can be life altering. Those found guilty could face a 12-month driving ban and lose their licence, or a fine of up to £2,500, community service, a criminal record and could even lose their job.

“My Message is simple. I want people to have a great time on Christmas Day, and still be around to have a great time on December 31st”

Superintendent Andy Hall,

Notts Police

To make sure you can enjoy yourself this season, the police are advising that if you choose to drink, do not drive at all.

Drivers are advised to alternate designated drivers with your friends and colleagues, book a cab with a reputable taxi company or look at the running times of public transport.

For more information on the effects of drinking, visit drink aware.