The faces of the UK’s most wanted suspects will be broadcast on a screen in West Bridgford today (Nov 20). The initiative aims to encourage more people to help police in their fight against crime.

The suspects on show are wanted by the police in connection to a variety of crimes including murder, sexual offences, burglary, theft, assault and domestic violence.

Eight of the people featured in 500 mugshots have direct links with Nottinghamshire.

This week commemorates the 10th anniversary of Crimestoppers’ ‘Most Wanted’ online gallery. To mark this event vans are travelling 800 miles around various UK cities, including Nottingham.

Today is the last day the van will be in Nottingham before moving on.

To date, the Crimestoppers’ site gets around 30,000 hits every month and has listed 12,524 appeals which members of the public have responded resulting in l3,589 arrests.