Students in Nottingham have fallen victim to a nationwide scam which involves them being sold audio equipment for far more than they are worth.

A group of men, driving a white van, have been stating they work for an Audio Affair, an online store based in Birmingham.

They have been selling equipment for inflated prices in student areas up and down the country. They have been targeting those interested in music production and selling them faulty items.

They have been known to approach doorsteps and convincing victims to buy their goods.

Ryan Maguire, a DJ from Nottingham, is a victim of this scam and has said he was wary from the start but was later convinced that they were legitimate.

“They were very similar to some speakers which are really expensive and I think that’s part of the way they are doing the con, saying they were these speakers that were worth way more than they are”

Ryan explains the involvement of the police

Ryan paid for the speakers through a debit card transaction believing this would be safer.

Ryan rang the police following the scam, but was told it is not technically not a crime as he had just been sold something which was over-priced.

A resident DJ at Nottingham’s popular club Stealth, Joe Bradley, was also persuaded to pay £200 for speakers.

The men spotted his DJ equipment as he was loading his car and approached him about buying the equipment.

Scam Shield is aware of this operation. The website has a long list of people from all over the country who have bought goods they later found to be not what they were expecting.