A brand new festival has arrived in Nottingham to celebrate the diverse arts and culture of the city.

The Nottingham Poetry Festival launched this Monday (Nov 16) and will take place until December 2nd. Initially the festival was meant to be three days long but with a selection of top venues and acclaimed readers organisers have decided to spread it out over three whole weeks.

Organiser of the event, Tommy Rosley, has said: “It is an exciting time for the city which has a hotbed of talent.” He hopes that the festival will celebrate and bring together Nottingham’s local and national poetry scene.


Venues around the city and specifically in Hockley such as the Wired café, Rough Trade Records and the Five Leaves Bookshop will be hosting the event.

Owner of the Five Leaves Bookshop, Ross Bradshaw has said that Nottingham has a great talent within poetry but after years of being involved in these sort of festivals, he believes that there needs to be more diversity in the style of poems performed and also more female readers.