Members of Nottingham taxi firms attended a “How to beat Uber” road show last week (Nov 5). The event discussed Uber’s strategy, which allows passengers to book cheap rides using a mobile app, and how other firms can compete.

The event, held by the Autocab taxi software company at the DoubleTree Hilton hotel, Nuthall, had around twenty representatives from eight different Nottinghamshire based taxi companies pooling together and sharing ideas on how to compete with the global phenomenon.

Drivers say they are determined that Uber will not put them out of business. Amjid Javaid, director of DG Cars, stated that: “Uber is just another taxi company. Whatever they do, we’ve already been doing for quite a while.”

Uber was given permission to launch in July by Nottingham City Council. The decision was met with hostility from taxi firms.

“another operator with more vehicles will only make it worse”
Jamil Ahmed, Charmain of Nottingham’s Licensed Taxi Owners and Driver’s Association

Chairman of Nottingham’s Licensed Taxi Owners and Drivers Association, Jamil Ahmed stated that: “The situation is already bad, and another operator with more vehicles will only make it worse.”

Taxi driver expresses his opinion on Uber operating in Nottingham

When asked about why the council accepted Uber to operate in the city, Councillor Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Jobs, Growth and Transport, said in a statement: “The council has a statutory duty to grant an application for an operating licence unless it feels the applicant is not fit for purpose.

“After two hours of questioning, the committee was satisfied with the responses Uber gave and the licence was granted,” he said.

Operating in over 60 countries and 250 cities across the world, Uber has become one of the fastest growing businesses in the world since it started up in March 2009. It is currently valued at more than $50 billion.