Beeston shop-owners devastated by two years of tram works are appealing for customers to return now that the high street has re-opened for business.

Despite the road works being completed, traders are worried that the disruption on Chilwell High Road has scared shoppers away for good.

“cannot see business lasting much longer.”

Ian Tideswell has been the owner of antics gift shop, Auntie Gwens Attic, for 10 years. He says he “cannot see the business lasting much longer.”

He added: “Alot of customers would still make the effort to come along but I think in time they just got fed up of all the diversions and not knowing where they were going.

“It just got quieter and quieter. We were on the verge of saying we can’t put up with this any longer.”

Frank Noonan, who owns Arts & Craft store, said his customers were continually asking when the road works will be finished. He said “it was terrible. There was trenches outside every single shop.”

“It was difficult for people to get here, some people have dared or bothered to come down because it was such a mess.”

“They were layering water, telecoms, electricity, gas, one on top of the other because they had to take everything out that was in the road so they could abandon all the old services. It was horrendous.”