Firework remains on Maples Street

Residents in the Hyson Green area of Nottingham, have spoke out after weeks of disruption caused by youths in the area.

Those living near the skatepark on Maples Street say that ‘gangs’ of teenagers have been taking over the street and playing dangerous ‘firework games’.

Reports of fireworks being fired directly at houses and cars have forced the police to step up their patrols. A CCTV van has also been sent out in an attempt to deter the youths.

Inspector Andy Townsend, officer in charge of the Hyson Green ward, said; “I’ve got some young people who are meeting on a particular skatepark and causing antisocial behaviour by the amount of them being there and the reaction of some of them to other people.”

He insisted that a long term solution was being looked into by the force and that the root of the problem was the lack of youth provisions.

Inspector Andy Townsend speaks about youth provisions

People in the area complained the nightly disruption caused by the youths is “relentless”.

Abigail Hyrons, 20, of Maples Street, said; “They’re just really intimidating…they’ll knock on our doors and shout at us in the street…no one will confront them.”

The antisocial behaviour is said to have started after the Goose Fair and worsened around Halloween.

“It’s completely out of control, it’s gone too far now”


Mae Sheelan, 21, another resident on Maples Street, said; “The day after Halloween we had a group of young boys knocking on our door, telling us to open it. We didn’t so they smashed our pumpkins across the street. It feels like they are trying to make their mark and take over the whole street… what with this and the nightly firework displays… we feel it’s completely out of control, it’s gone too far now.”

She has resorted to filming the youths, with hopes that solid evidence will help local authorities act on the behaviour.

Youths set off fireworks in the street (Courtesy of Mae Sheelan, Maples Street Resident)

Those with concerns have been encouraged by police to continue using the 101 phone line service to report non-emergency incidents, which would then be added to a log. The police stressed that 999 should be reserved only for ‘genuine emergencies’.

Nottinghamshire Police have issued a set of guidelines to ensure you have a ‘safe but fun bonfire night’:

  • Only buy fireworks from a legitimate retailer.
  • It is illegal to supply fireworks to persons under the age of 18.
  • Shops are not allowed to sell fireworks louder than 120 decibels.
  • It is an offence for under 18’s to have fireworks in a public place.
  • You should never throw or set off a firework in the street, onto a road or in a public place.
  • You’re not allowed to set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am except on Bonfire night whereby the curfew is midnight to 7am. New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year, curfew is 1am.
  • Anyone caught causing a nuisance with fireworks will receive an instant fine of £80 and any fireworks found on a person under18 will be confiscated.
  • Never use any kind of accelerant i.e. petrol to start a bonfire.
  • Always inform your neighbours if you are using fireworks and be considerate.
  • Ensure your fireworks comply with British Standard 7114 or the European equivalents.
  • Remember, if you break the law on fireworks you could be sent to prison for up to six months or your parents or carers could receive a fine.